quote1Umpire is the only occupation where a man has to be perfect on Opening Day and improve as the season goes on.endquote
- Anonymous

We love to hate the umpires, love to blame them for our teamís misfortunes. But, truth be told, there is no other group of men in baseball more deserving of respect for their dedication to the purity of the game. Umpires have never been associated with any of the scandals that have been woven into the fabric of professional baseball since its inception. They get little respect from fans or players, they donít get paid millions, and it is certainly no fun being in their particular spotlight.

So why do they do it? Who exactly are the men who choose this profession? And how does one become a professional baseball umpire? This film answers those questions, and more. We get to see umpires like weíve never seen them before.

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