Our film follows umpires in all stages of their careers, from students in umpire school, to those starting their first season in the minors, to those on the verge of the Hall of Fame.  They will recount their histories, their conflicts, their journey. A journey that of itself weeds out the individuals who are not capable of upholding the high standards that are the Integrity of the game.

As a backdrop to these stories we watch as over 150 aspiring umpires take the first steps by attending the five week course at The Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires.  This program, run by retired 33 year veteran umpire Harry Wendelstedt and his son Hunter, a current Major League Baseball umpire, is one of the schools officially sanctioned by Major League Baseball, and has trained more professional umpires then any of the other schools combined.

Playing a large part in the production both as a “character” and an advisor to the project, is 30 year veteran Umpire Harry Wendelstedt.  Harry, whose 33-year umpire career is the second-longest tenure in the National League, is regarded by baseball people as one of the best umpires in the game’s history.  He has won worldwide acclaim for his work in five World Series, five All Star Games and eleven Championship playoffs.  He has been honored five times as the Major Leagues’ top umpire.  He has served four terms as President of the Major League Umpire Association.  Even the players respect him, a Sports Illustrated poll of major league ball players named Harry Wendelstedt the best ball-and-strike caller in the National League, and Major Leagues polls rated him the best umpire several times.

While this deep inside look at umpires will be of obvious interest to baseball and other sports fans, we feel it will also grab the attention of those that are not sports buffs, by telling the story of how in our society where organizations are often riddled with corruption, one group can decade after decade still hold themselves to a higher principle.